That Incredible Christian

That Incredible Christian is a book compiled by Anita M. Bailey based on editorials written by A.W. Tozer from his time as editor of The Alliance Witness during the years 1960-1963.

The book contains 41 chapters, the vast majority of which are less than 4 pages. Chapter titles include: What it Means to Accept Christ, The Inadequacy of “Instant Christianity”, The Freedom of the Will, Why the Holy Spirit is Given, God Walking Among Men, We are Saved To as well as From, The Christian Life is Not Easy, The Giver and the Taker, The Increasing Knowledge of God, Spiritual Things Must be Spiritually Discerned, The Futility of Regret, The Importance of Self-Judgement, How to Keep from Going Stale, Marks of the Spiritual Man, The Act of True Worship, Meditating on God.

Whilst it is possible to read each chapter separate from the others, Anita M. Bailey believes that the reader will profit most by reading consecutive chapters.

Although as mentioned above the chapters are short, the book is deeply enriching and well worth reading repeatedly. If you are familiar with the writings of Tozer then you will certainly enjoy this book. For those who have not read any of Tozer’s material previously then I would highly recommend that you check this book out.

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