Old but not out!

There can be a tendency for us to write people off when they get past a certain age. This habit can on occasions even surface in churches too. In his book “Old, but not out!” James Taylor looks at what we can discover from the bible about serving God in older age.

The book looks at some inspiration men and women who continued to serve God faithfully and be used by Him in old age. We see the example of Abraham and Sarah, Caleb, Naomi, Simeon and Anna and also the apostle Paul at the end of his life. The author shows us important and valuable lessons that can be learnt from each of these bible characters. This is both an encouragement and inspiration to us that God can still use people whatever their age. Interestingly, the author also includes a chapter on Eli in which we are challenged not to allow our standards to drop in our old age.

I particularly like the way that James Taylor encourages the reader that they can still serve God in their old age. We may have retired but that does not mean the end of any ministry for God. He gives some interesting modern examples of how Christians are doing this. It’s inspiring to read about people in their nineties starting bible study groups!

Sometimes older people can feel that aspects of church services are very different to when they were younger. However, the author reminds us that our security is found in God.

Anyone who reads this book will certainly discover that older people are not “the church of yesterday.” Although this book is only 107 pages long there is a very good depth to it. I would highly recommend this book for readers of all ages!


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