Cutting My Own Hair

These last few months have been very unusual and many of us have had to get used to life being very different to normal. There are queues to get into shops, social distancing in pubs, football and cricket matches are being played in empty stadiums. On Friday face masks will need to be worn in England whenever we go into shops. Huge culture changes.

On a personal note instead of driving to work each day my new workplace has been my dining room table. Sunday morning worship is now done online via my laptop rather than in our church building. And additionally I now cut my own hair!

Yes I have become a barber to myself. Near the beginning of lockdown I tried to buy some male hair clippers both online and in the shops. However everywhere was sold out. Whenever I checked Amazon the delivery time was at least four weeks and normally longer. I could have ordered some and waited but did not. One day though I happened to check online and found some that were reasonably priced and were due in stock in about ten days. My hair was beginning to look a mess so I decided to take the plunge and order some male hair clippers. Thankfully they arrived fairly quickly.

I did my first haircut about eight weeks ago and my hair did not look too bad! Well to be honest it was a little shorter than I normally have it but I was so relieved to have a haircut that it was a happy compromise for me. When I attended online church and housegroups I thought that someone would comment on how short it was. But no-one said anything. They either had not noticed or were too polite to comment! Two days ago I cut my hair again. This time I did not cut it quite as short as last time. In my humble opinion it looks ok!

One thing you notice is that it is not easy cutting your own hair. It is challenging when cutting the back of your hair to make sure that you do not miss any of it. Then after you have finished you suddenly realised that you forgot to cut a couple of longer hairs behind your ears. Well actually what happened was my wife noticed that and got some scissors and rectified this for me.

I expect I will at some stage go and visit the hairdresser again and get a professional haircut. However I will continue to cut my own hair for the foreseeable future and see how I get on. Another unexpected change in my life!

In closing it is only fair that I should qualify what I mean by the phrase “cutting my hair.” I do not use scissors I simply just run the clippers over it. But I still count that as cutting my hair!