Five Articles to Read

Over the last few days I have come across these five articles which you may find interesting to read:

Radical Commitment

This is part of the Word for Today series from United Christian Broadcasters. The article challenges us to radical commitment to Christ in the following areas of our life: at work, at church and in our relationship with Him.

Jesus is not a republican or a democrat

Adrian Warnock starts this important hard-hitting article with the words:

For the sake of the global cause of Christ may I just appeal to my US Evangelical brothers and sisters, PLEASE do not claim that Christians can only follow one political tribe. I shouldn’t have to say this.”

How Perfectionism Makes You a Spiritual Quitter

Melissa Edgington says some words that we all need to hear:

it has taken me 43 years to begin to learn that there is a happy, spiritually-nourishing medium between praying for an hour a day and not praying at all. Between reading five chapters in my Bible and not reading a single word. Spiritual disciplines don’t have to be feast or famine, and they shouldn’t be. I don’t have to perfectly execute a plan in order to be growing in Christ, learning from His word, communing with Him daily, learning more about who He is and who He wants me to be.

What Are We Arguing About?

Kevin DeYoung tells us that:

My overarching point is this: we need to be clearer as Christians about where our disagreements lie.

The Christian and the State

Paul Carter addresses a subject that has become more of an issue to many this year as we have seen various restrictions introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic:

To be a Christian is to belong simultaneously to two different kingdoms. If you are a child of God through faith in Christ then you are a citizen of the here and coming Kingdom of God and you are subject to various lesser but legitimate human authorities. How does that work out in practice? What if the demands of the one run contrary to the demands of the other?”