Are You Keeping in Fellowship With Your Fellow Believers?

During these difficult and unusual times that we are currently living through, it is important that we still keep in fellowship with our fellow believers.

We may not be able to worship in the usual way, but it is imperative that we use the opportunities that we have to meet together. Of course watching a church service on our laptop is not the same as actually attending one. However, for many of us the virtual church service is the only option available.

The following taken from a book called “The Lord’s Supper” hopefully will encourage us to continue to keep in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

He was a good man but, like many another good man, he had been tripped up. Something had happened in the church that had upset him, and so he stayed away. He was denying “the fellowship of the Holy Spirit”. He was absenting himself from the worship and from the Lord’s Table. The pastor went to see him, and after they had talked over the issues involved, as they were sitting by an open fire, the pastor took the tongs from the hearth and separated the flaming coals and spread around the outer circumference of the open grate. In a few moments the flame died down, and in another few minutes the coals lost their brightness and grew ashen and dull. The pastor looked at his member and said, “Do you understand?” The man had grace and wisdom enough to say, “Yes, pastor, I understand”.

Then he took the tongs again and, taking the coals from the outer edge of the grate, he drew them all together; and you know what happened. They had not been together many moments before they began to glow once more. Then they came up in flames and the dire was strong. Again the pastor looked at his erring member and said, “Do you understand?” Do you? Let nothing divide you in your fellowship with your fellow-believer, because you will both be the losers. Not only will you both be the losers, but so will the integrity of the church: the flame will go down, and the fires of revival will depart.

The Lord’s Supper by E.F. Kevan pages 66-67

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