Am I Missing Something?

It can be very easy, for those of us who have been Christians for a while, to forget what life is like as a new believer. Ruth Roberts in her book “Am I Missing Something?” shares her experiences of life as a new Christian.

The author very honestly describes, her ups and downs as she attempts to make sense of what she believes, how she can share her new faith with others and the various emotions she encounters as she grows in her faith. There are some very interesting conversations that the author has with her best friend, who is not a believer, which are retold in the book.

I think the book raises some interesting issues for those of us who have been believers for a few years and are used to what happens in church circles. Churches can indeed seem strange places for those who are new to them. In fact it can be quite a cultural shock and maybe we do not appreciate this fully. I personally remember when I first encountered “sharing the peace” in an Anglican church, and used to spend the time looking at my feet hoping that part of the service would finish quickly!

The book is only 176 pages and can easily be read straight through at one sitting. I would recommend it as a very good read.

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