Future Plans

In my job our holiday year runs between September to August. I decided last summer that I was going to be super organised and apply for all my leave for the 2019-20 holiday year early, as I already knew which weeks I wanted. Therefore come September 2019, my leave had all been approved and I knew exactly which weeks I would be on holiday. Additionally I also knew what I had planned for those weeks too. Yes there were one or two things that I still needed to do, but most importantly I had got the exact weeks I wanted. Privately I was impressed with my forward thinking and efficiency in organising everything early! What could possibly go wrong and hinder my plans?

The simple answer is a word I had never heard of until recently: coronavirus. All my carefully arranged plans were suddenly shattered. Instead of visiting lovely coastal towns, I’m faced with the prospect of holidaying in my back garden, if the lockdown restrictions remain in place. Now I realise that I’m fortunate to have a back garden. At least I can sit out in my garden. For those people who do not have a garden it must be very difficult at the moment.

During the last 3 years or so some of my family members and friends have had serious illnesses. One of my friends had a major stroke and is now confined to a wheelchair. Future dreams and plans that had been discussed are suddenly shattered. Life looks very different for them now. Obviously my holiday frustrations are small fry compared with life changing illnesses.

In the light of the uncertainties of life we might well ask ourselves whether it is wise making plans for the future. Some might argue no, whilst others would still feel it is appropriate to make plans. I think we should hold any future personal plans we have made lightly in our hands and submit them to God. We should avoid holding on too tightly to these plans, but rather instead pray: “Not my will but yours be done”.


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