Jeremiah: Speaking for God in a time of crisis

I was looking through my book collection recently and came across a book called: Jeremiah: Speaking for God in a time of crisis. After reading it I decided to write a book review on it. Unfortunately though following an unsuccessful internet search for it I believe that the book may no longer be in print. Still I hope this review inspires to you to seek it out maybe in a secondhand bookshop?

It can be difficult for new Christians to know where to start with reading the bible when they come to faith. Normally we encourage them to firstly read one of the gospels and then work their way through the rest of the New Testament. The book: Jeremiah: Speaking for God in a time of crisis, written by David Day, is part of a series of bible biographies that seek to introduce readers to the richness of the Old Testament. The series wants us to learn the unchanging truths of God which still apply today just as much as when they were first written.

This book has 10 chapters, each of which covers a separate theme, as we are taken on a journey through the life of Jeremiah. In addition to covering the major events in the life of the prophet, the author looks at the lessons we can learn from him and their relevance for today. He makes us consider the words that Jeremiah spoke to God’s people, and the reader feels the challenge of these words directly to them too as they engage with this book. Although the book only has 127 pages it provides the reader with an excellent and rich introduction into the life of Jeremiah.

David Day shows us that humanly speaking Jeremiah did not have a successful ministry. He preached God’s message of repentance to his countrymen and his words were not heeded. The prophet suffered persecution for faithfully speaking God’s word. But despite that he was faithful to God.

I found the book a very enjoyable read which helped increased my understanding of where Jeremiah fits into the timescale of the bible. In addition to this it was also challenging too. Whilst the book is aimed towards younger Christians I believe that it would benefit all believers no matter how long they had been walking with God. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to all provided you can track it down!

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