The 100 Minute Bible

The 100 Minute Bible, which retails at little more than the cost of a sandwich is, I think, a real gem! In summary, it gives an overview of the main events and characters in the Bible. The author, Michael Hinton, has divided the book into 50 brief chapters, 17 from the Old Testament and the remainder taken from the New Testament.

Most chapters include direct quotes from the Bible with well known passages, such as the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23, being reprinted in full. Before reading The 100 Minute Bible I had my doubts about this mini version and whether it would work, but I have to say I am impressed. Obviously constraints of time and space mean much is left out but what the publisher has chosen to include provides an excellent overview of the Bible and, quite rightly concentrates on Jesus’ life and his impact on ordinary people then, now and for all time to come.

I would certainly recommend this book to Christians and non-Christians alike. Indeed if any of your non-Christian family or friends have ever expressed an interest in reading the Bible but have not got the time, I suggest they read this instead. In no way could it ever take the place of the Bible, the inspired word of God, and all that represents but it is an excellent place for them to start and hopefully they will be encouraged to go on and study a good version of the Bible for themselves.

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