Tom Wright for Everyone by Stephen Kuhrt

The full title of this book is actually “Tom Wright for Everyone: Putting the theology of N.T. Wright into practice in the local church”.

The first part of the book looks at Tom Wright and summaries his theology whilst the remainder, as you may guess from the long title, looks at the outworking of his theology in the church of which Stephen Kuhrt is the vicar: Christ Church in New Malden, Surrey.

It’s very easy for theologians to discuss theology but one of the potential dangers is that it can turn into academic theory which confuses the average Christian. The author though is very keen to illustrate how Tom Wright’s theology has been lived out in the church he leads. Stephen Kuhrt addresses Tom Wright’s theology in a pastoral context, a mission context and in church life. I think this is a good practical way of looking at the theological ideas in this book as we need to see that theology works in everyday life.

The author of the book believes that many people have failed to engage properly with some of the issues that Tom Wright raises such as the nature of Christian hope and the significance of the resurrection of Jesus. His hope is that this book will help us to engage with Tom Wright’s teaching and theology rather than just ignore it.

Although the book is only approximately 140 pages long I would recommend reading each chapter separately and not rushing through it. In fact it’s the sort of book that should probably be read a second time to allow the reader to think through the ideas raised here.

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