Proverbs chapters 1 to 10

This month I have been taking part in 31 Days in May. Everyday throughout the month I have read one chapter from the book of Proverbs: chapter 1 on the 1st, chapter 2 on the 2nd, chapter 3 on the 3rd and so on throughout the month.

I decided to write down a couple of sentences each day to help me remember what struck me in each chapter. I thought it might be interesting to share these thoughts and so this week I am posting what I wrote for Proverbs chapters 1 to 10. The thoughts are very brief for each chapter and are about the length of a Twitter posting! However, hopefully they will be a blessing to others.

Chapter 1 – The purpose of the proverbs is to teach wisdom and discipline. I need to apply discipline to my life. If I ignore God’s warnings then it’s my fault when things go wrong.

Chapter 2 – Give priority to seeking wisdom. It will help in making right decisions. Heed God’s warnings.

Chapter 3 – Storing God’s commands in my heart is very important. Wisdom is the most precious thing I can seek: “Nothing you desire can compare with her.” (v15)

Chapter 4 – Pay attention to God’s word and let it penetrate deep into my heart. Take hold of instruction and do not let go of it. Guard the heart above all else.

Chapter 5 – Listen carefully to God’s words. God sees every path we take (including decisions). Sin holds us captive. I must exercise self-control and not be led astray by my folly (foolishness).

Chapter 6 – God’s word is a lamp and a light for me. It’s corrective discipline is the way to life.

Chapter 7 – Treasure God’s commands and store them up within me. Write them deep within my heart. Do not let my heart stray into wrong desires.

Chapter 8 – Listen to wisdom. There is nothing that we can desire that is better than her. Do not ignore her instruction.

Chapter 9 – The fear of the Lord is the foundation / beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgement.

Chapter 10 – The wise are glad to be instructed and to accept discipline / correction. They treasure knowledge. The words of the godly benefit and help others. They know when to keep quiet.


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