Church Online: Websites

Whenever I visit another church I normally look at their website beforehand to find out various things about that church. These include the time of the service, what type of service I will be attending and a general idea of what the church is like.

Therefore, for me it’s important that a church website is accurate and displaying correct information. However, having been a webmaster of a church website, I know that it can be a challenging job and you are dependent upon others passing information onto you to keep the website updated.

I have recently read a book called “Church Online: Websites” by Laura Treneer which I found to be a very useful resource. This book is published by BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) and is one of four books that form part of their Reach Out Church Communications series.

There are four chapters in Church Online Websites which cover:

  • Why it matters
  • What to consider first
  • Essential next steps
  • Toolkit

The author provides some very useful advice which can be used by those looking to transform their websites or perhaps looking to create one for the first time. Anyone who might feel daunted at the prospect of becoming a church webmaster for the first time will find this book very beneficial. Those who are experienced in this area will also gain from reading this book too.

Although “Church Online: Websites“ is only a short book it is packed full of helpful tips, resource links and ideas. I would strongly recommend this book and if you put the ideas it contains into practice your website will be enhanced.

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